Hotter and drier weather can lead to more fires in the area. Couple this with fireworks, bonfires, and fire pits, and you have a recipe for disaster. No one wants to imagine their home will fall victim to a fire disaster, but it happens more than we would like to consider. What can you do to help prevent fires from occurring on your property?

One of the key ways to prevent fires is through preparations. Fires are often the result of carelessness. This can occur for a variety of reasons. Leaving a fire going outside and forgetting about it is more common than you might think. We get a lot of home fires that started on the outside. Fireworks can also be of concern. With the holidays coming, we see a lot of fires starting from bottle rockets and other fireworks. Shooting them too close to your house or in the grass can cause a fire to start. A small spark is all that is necessary to ignite a fire in drier weather. It is best to always pay attention to any fires that you have outdoors and any cooking you are doing inside. Fires can happen at any time!

It is best always to be aware of the weather. Listen to the news and see if there are any burn bans. If there are burn bans, it is best not to light any fires outside. You can also be vigilant in changing our fire alarm batteries. If you do experience a fire, know that there is help!

Fire restoration and cleanup services are available through restoration companies like Restoration 1 Conroe. Our team provides excellent fire cleanup and restoration of fire-damaged properties. With fire damages often come water damages from extinguishing the fire. Our team provides both fire and water damage restoration. Our team is available for emergency disasters.