Summer is not over, and neither is the severe weather! Texas knows how common severe weather is, and most are prepared for it, but sometimes disasters strike, and preparations cannot help. Below, Restoration 1 Conroe will discuss some damages that can occur from severe weather.

Wind and Hail Damages

Wind and hail are common with severe weather, and both can cause major damages to your property. Wind can loosen roof shingles and cause limbs to damage your roof. Hail can cause major damages to your roof, windows, and siding. Both can cause structural and water damages to your property.


Tornados can be devastating. The stronger they are, the worse the damages can be. Tornados can cause destruction, but some just cause structural damages to properties. Tornados can cause water damages to occur, which can lead to significant damages inside the home and damages to the exterior.

Water Damages

Water damages from storms can range in severity, but all water damages are considered an emergency. Water can enter your home quickly and cause damages as it courses through your property. A company like Restoration 1 Conroe is prepared and ready for emergency water damage restoration. Our team can tarp off roof damages and secure the area. Once this has occurred, they can begin water damage restoration to the property. Removing all water and drying carpets and floors is the first step. Then they will find and remove water beneath flooring and between walls. If this water is not removed, it will sit and become a breeding ground for mold and rot.

If you have any water damages, Restoration 1 Conroe is the best choice. We specialize in water damage restoration and provide emergency services to the area.