The recent rain and colder weather have led to more home disasters. From water damages to fires, severe weather can cause a myriad of home disasters. Restoration 1 Conroe will discuss the different types of home disasters we generally see this time of year so that you can be better prepared.

Water Damages

Water damages can happen as a result of frozen pipes. At the same time, we do not get a lot of freezing temperatures. There is always a chance of colder weather and frozen pipes. If the weather is going to be colder than normal, it is a good idea to leave your water slowly running and turn your heat on. These two simple steps can ensure you do not have frozen pipes or water damages in the event the frozen pipes burst.

Fire Damages

Fires are more common during the Winter. Fireplaces and furnaces are just two reasons we see an influx of fires. If your fireplace is in use, make sure never to leave it unattended. This is one of the quickest ways for a fire to start in your home. If you do have a fire on your property, Restoration 1 Conroe provides complete fire cleanup and fire restoration services.

Roof Damages

Severe weather conditions can cause damages to your roof. Checking your roof regularly can ensure you do not have any roof leaks. Leaking roofs can start small but will eventually cause major water damages and mold. If your home does have water damages, our team can clean up the water and ensure your property is restored!

At Restoration 1 Conroe, we provide home and business disaster cleanup services, as well as restoration services. Give us a call today for any water or fire damage emergency you may have! We provide quick service at an affordable rate!