The recent onslaught of winter weather has caused a lot of problems for the Texas area, Conroe included. From no electricity or water to frozen pipes and ice dams, homes have been put through the wringer. Luckily, Conroe and the surrounding areas have Restoration 1 Conroe for all your water damage cleanup and restoration needs.

Roof Damages

Roofs can hold a lot of weight, but your roof can begin to break when you add in ice and snow. Ice dams have been a common occurrence across the state. Ice dams occur when the ice melts and refreezes until a large sheet of ice forms on your roof. This can cause your gutter and side of your roof to break down, leading to leaking in walls and attics. If your roof has structural damages or missing shingles from the winter weather, call a restoration company.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes have occurred all over the south, creating significant water damages as the pipes thawed and water was restored. Frozen pipes can cause major water damages in a small amount of time. If your property was the victim of frozen pipes, Restoration 1 Conroe is here for all your water restoration and cleanup needs.

Water Damages

If you did experience water damages as a result of the winter storms, it is crucial to contact a restoration company. Water damages can range in severity and, if not handled properly, can lead to even more damages. Water damage cleanup and restoration should be completed as soon as possible. The longer water sits in your property, the more damages will accrue, including mold growth. At Restoration 1 Conroe, we can handle water removal, water damage restoration, and prevent mold growth from occurring.