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Your home or business could have a mold problem without you knowing. Mold loves to grow and breed in damp and dark areas. Mold loves crawl spaces, attics, closets, under sinks and vanities. If you see mold stains, then you already have a mold epidemic. Luckily for the Conroe, and Spring, TX, areas, there is Restoration 1 Conroe. Our team is fully certified and insured to remove and dispose of mold. We provide mold remediation to both residential and commercial businesses in the area. If you are unsure if you have mold, our expert mold professionals can do a mold evaluation on your property.

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What Causes

Mold is caused by flooded or water damaged areas that were not cleaned properly. Small amounts of water that is left after water damages can cause mold to begin growing. If you have mold, there is a chance your property could have structural damages. Mold could be caused by a leaky pipe or even humidity problems. Mold is always linked to water damages. Restoration 1 Conroe, TX, provides mold assessments, mold removal, and mold remediation services. Never attempt to remove mold yourself. Mold is dangerous and can cause severe respiratory illnesses. It is important always to contact a mold remediation professional.

Safe Mold Removal
and Remediation

Removing mold is dangerous if you do not have the proper knowledge and skills. Restoration 1 Conroe uses top of the line equipment and products to remove mold from your home or business safely. Our team is trained and licensed to dispose of mold safely and to complete mold remediation on your property. Restoration 1 Conroe can easily remove the mold, cleanse the area, repair any mold causing problems, and rebuild the area where the mold was removed. Our mold remediation services is rated the highest in the area, because we take the time to ensure all mold is removed and that your property is safe. If you have mold, give us a call. Our mold remediation services are affordable and the best in the area.

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