Fall weather is not exceptionally cold, but it is best to prepare your home for the fall and winter. Below, Restoration 1 Conroe will discuss some areas you should check to ensure your home is safe from any home disasters as the weather turns colder!

Fire Alarms

It is vital that you examine your fire alarms at the start of each season. Changing the batteries and testing your fire alarms could save your life. Make sure they are working correctly! You never want to have a home fire. Fires are devastating, and fire damage restoration is a long process!


Checking your trees to ensure no branches or limbs are hanging over your roof or property will ensure that you do not face any roof or structural damages this fall. If you do see any overhanging or dead limbs, call a professional to have them removed as soon as possible.


Roofs are the one thing that protects us the most from the elements. If you have damages to or are missing shingles, you will likely develop a roof leak, which will cause water damages and eventually mold. If you are missing or have damaged shingles, have them replaced before the Fall and Winter weather hit.


Attics should be checked to ensure there are no holes or leaks. If you have leaks in your attic, it will eventually develop into a larger problem with water damages, structural problems, and mold growth.

Spigots and Outdoor Pipes

If you have outdoor pipes or spigots that are exposed, you will want to insulate them before Winter hits. It is best to be prepared for the worse. If a pipe becomes frozen, it will likely burst and cause devastating water damages to your property.

If you do encounter any type of water or fire damages to your property, give Restoration 1 Conroe a call. Our team is available for standard and emergency services.