Severe weather is no stranger to Texas, and we all like to take pride in the fact we know what to do during severe weather. However, when a disaster strikes, we often have no plan or clue about what we should do. Restoration 1 Conroe has some tips to help you better understand severe weather and your home.

Damages to Your Roof

The most common type of storm damage is damage to your roof. Your roof takes the brunt of the weather and is built to withstand even the strongest of storms. However, even your roof can only take so much. Excessive winds and hail can easily cause shingle damage to your roof. Missing shingles is one of the most common causes of roof leaks. Broken limbs that damage the structure of your roof is a close second. If this happens to you, what should you do? Make sure you and your family or safe then call a restoration company. They will be able to board up the area and take other necessary precautions to protect you from an onslaught of water damages.

Damages to Your Windows and Siding

Windows and siding are the next most common part of your home to receive storm damages. Hail can rip through your siding and roof, leaving you to deal with the mess. Wind can also break windows and destroy siding. Water damages can quickly turn into a devastating mess, leaving you with significant damages and loss.

It is essential to call a water damage expert in your time of need. They have the proper tools and equipment to handle all types of water damages and help to salvage your items. If water damage is left untreated, it can destroy the structure of your home and cause severe mold growth. If you experience storm damages, be smart and contact a water damage restoration company as soon as you can. Time is of the utmost importance when dealing with storm damages.