Storms are a common occurrence in Texas and unfortunately, so are storm damages to your home. Storm damages are considered an emergency, as it usually involves water damages. If you are experiencing storm damages, it is important to call a cleanup company such as Restoration 1 in Conroe. Below we will discuss a few types of storm damages so that you can be better prepared if disaster strikes.

Missing Shingles

Missing singles are usually the result of strong winds. Missing shingles are usually not considered an immediate emergency, but if left damaged, it could cause roof leaks.

Hail Damages

Hail can easily damage your windows, siding, and sometimes even your roof. If you have hail damages that are allowing water to enter your home, it is an emergency. Water damages must be cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid major damages.

Roof Damages

Limbs and even trees can cause the structure of your roof to break. If this happens, the result is usually major water damages inside your home. If your roof becomes damaged during a storm, call a professional such as Restoration 1. They will need to come out quickly to assess the damage, make repairs, and perform water damage restoration.

Water Damages

Water damages as a result of storm damages is an emergency. Water can quickly cause damages to the inside of your home. Water can damage your carpets, floors, walls, and personal items. Water can seep beneath your floors and behind your walls, causing even more damages. If this water is not removed, it can cause mold and major structural damages.

If you experience any storm damages, remain calm and calla a disaster cleanup company like Restoration 1. They will be able to repair the damages and even help with our insurance claims!