Water damages, while devastating to your property, can lead to further damages if not removed properly. Restoration 1 Conroe provides water damage restoration to ensure all water is safely and completely removed from your property. If all water is not fully removed, you will eventually have mold growth. Below, we will discuss some ways to prevent mold from growing on your property.

Call A Professional Water Damage Restoration Company

If you have water damages, it is in your best interest to call a professional. As water enters your home, it can seep virtually anywhere. From beneath carpets to between walls, water can accumulate in many places that you cannot see without the proper equipment. By hiring a professional restoration company, you can rest assured all water will be removed so that mold does not grow.


Higher humidity in your home can cause condensation. Texas is no stranger to humidity, and purchasing a dehumidifier can help prevent mold from forming.

Proper Ventilation

Does your home have good ventilation? Bathrooms and kitchens are common places that we discover mold stains. These areas generally do not have the proper ventilation for the amount of condensation that occurs daily. By adding vents, opening windows, or using a fan, you can avoid condensation in these areas.

Check your Attic and HVAC Unit

Attics are common areas for leaks. If water is left in your attic, it can cause mold to form and mold stains to occur on our ceiling. Your HVAC unit is also an area you should check regularly. If your drip pan becomes clogged, it can cause water to leak beneath your unit, which can lead to mold growth.

Above are just a few tips to help you prevent mold growth this Summer. Restoration 1 Conroe is here for all your mold removal, and water damage needs if you do have mold stains.