Water damages can drastically affect your home. If water is not extracted by a professional and water damage restoration is not completed, your home and health can suffer. Water damages are a common occurrence in homes across the United States, and many people make the mistake of not calling a professional restoration company for cleanup and water extraction. Restoration 1 Conroe will discuss five ways that water damages can affect your property.

Mold Growth

Mold growth is the first sign that there is water damage to the property. If water damage occurs and water damage restoration is not completed by a professional, you will see mold growth. Mold damages materials in your home and causes health problems. Mold will damage crawlspaces, walls, ceilings, and insulation. You will likely also have health problems that can manifest as allergies and rashes if you have mold stains.

Damages To The Structure

Water that is left in your home can sit, causing significant damage to the structure of your home. Rotting of your structure can be costly and also dangerous. To avoid structural rot, water-damaged areas need to be removed and restored by a professional.

Health and Safety Problems

If water is not fully removed from the home, it can become a health and safety concern. As we stated above, mold will form, and rot will occur. Both of these things are hazardous to your health and safety. Structural damages can cause severe injury to you or your family, while mold can cause illnesses.

Insect Infestations

Some insects love stagnant water. If water is left in your home, it can turn into a breeding ground for insects. To avoid insects in your home, it is vital that you have a professional to ensure all water has been removed and all materials repaired.

Floor Damages

Water can cause major damage to flooring. Floors will buckle and peel, causing mold to grow beneath the flooring. To avoid this problem, water that has seeped beneath the floor must be fully dried.