Coming home to a toilet, tub, or sink backing up into your house is never pleasant, but what do you do? Do you call someone or try to clean up the mess yourself? In most cases, we see people attempting to remove the sewage and clean the area. This is the worst choice you could ever make. Even if it is clear and odorless, sewage still contains bacteria and viruses. All forms of sewage are a hazard to your health, your family, and your pets. If you have sewage inside your home, it is important to contact a company like Restoration 1 Conroe. Sewage should never sit for long periods of time. It is important to have it removed as soon as possible. This is to avoid more damage and illnesses from the sewage.

Sewage Removal

Sewage can range from clear and odorless to foul and dark. Most people would guess that the latter is the more dangerous form of sewage. This isn’t the case, as all sewage contains harmful pathogens that will make you ill. It Is crucial that you remove everyone from the area and contact a restoration company. Once on scene, they will use pumps designed for sewage removal. Once sewage and water are removed from all areas of the property, the area will need to be dried. This process can take time. Large fans and other equipment will be placed strategically throughout the property to promote fast drying.

Once the area is completely dried, damaged materials will be removed from the property. As the damaged materials are being removed, special cleaning and sanitizing sprays are used throughout the area. These will kill any microorganisms that could make you ill. Once the area Is fully sanitized and clean, new materials will be installed, completing the sewage removal and restoration process.