Conroe, TX, regularly has strange temperatures during the winter. Some years we may have ice and snow, while others can be extremely warm. With the temperatures being warmer than normal, it is no surprise that we may be seeing damages that we usually don’t during the colder months. Below, Restoration 1 Conroe will discuss some damages that may occur during the warmer winter months.

Storm Damages

Severe weather is typical for Texas, but the unusually warmer weather sparks more severe weather with tornados that we usually do not see during the winter. It is important that we pay attention to the ever-changing weather and remember that we could have severe storms this winter. Storm damages can occur quickly and cause extensive damages to your property. If you have any storm damage, it is best to contact a restoration company as soon as possible. They will be able to tarp off the damaged area and prevent further water damages in your home.

Water Damages

Between storm damages and blasts of icy air, water damages are expected. Even though the weather is warmer, it does not mean we will not have a blast of cold weather. If you haven’t prepared your property for the winter, it is best to do so, and be prepared, as it is likely we will have freezing temperatures that could cause frozen and burst pipes. If you do have water damages, always contact a water damage restoration company that can provide you with water removal and restoration services. Removing all water is necessary as it can cause mold growth and rot to the structure of your property.

Restoration 1 Conroe provides total water removal and water damage restoration. Our team is ready to respond to all water damage emergencies and provide fast services!