The Texas Winter is once again upon us, and as always, our weather is unpredictable. Even though we live in the south, it is important to be prepared for any colder weather. One of the more widespread problems we see during the Winter is water damages from frozen pipes that have burst.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can often be prevented with the proper preparations. All outdoor pipes should be insulated and all water spigots covered with the water hoses removed. This ensures your outdoor pipes are protected in the event the temperatures drop drastically. You can also keep an eye on the weather and run a small trickle of water to protect your indoor pipes. Opening your cabinet doors will also help to circulate warmer air around your pipes. These simple steps can save your property from water damages, mold growth, and rot.

If a frozen pipe ruptures, it can cause water to flood your property. The damages can be quite extensive and costly if you are not home. If you do catch the burst pipe quickly, you will likely still have damages and need a restoration company. Restoration 1 Conroe offers water damage restoration to all of Conroe.

If you have water damage, all water will need to be removed using special equipment, including infrared technology that finds water beneath surfaces or behind walls. This water is your most prominent cause of concern. If it is not removed and the area dried and disinfected, mold can occur. If mold grows, it can eventually cause major damages to the structure of your property. Mold remediation involves removing all damaged materials. This can include sheetrock, insulation, and even wood. This Winter, be aware of the temperatures and keep an eye on your pipes, ensuring no water damages occur. Contact Restoration 1 Conroe for fast water damage restoration services if they do.