Water stains or an indication that you have a leak somewhere on your property. These water stains likely mean you have mold or will develop mold in the very near future. Mold thrives in warm and dark areas, meaning the summer is the perfect time for mold to breed and cause overgrowth on your property. While your water stains may be new and you need water damage cleanup services, it is crucial that you have a professional also check for mold growth. Mold growth usually starts in attics and crawlspaces or near water pipes. Below, Restoration 1 Conroe will discuss water damages and mold growth to help you better understand the dangers.

Water Damages

If your home or business has experienced water damages, it is crucial that you hire a certified professional to ensure all water is removed from the property. Water damages can cause the integrity of the structure of your home to decline. Water damages can cause rot and eventually mold growth. If you see a water stain, it means you already have water damages, and you need a professional to ensure your home does not experience any structural damages or mold.


Mold can grow from a few drops of water that may be left behind during a flood or water disaster in your home. If a certified water damage removal company was not called, water was likely left behind, as water tends to seep into crevices, walls, and under floors. This water can only be found using specialized equipment. If your home has water stains or stains that are changing color, you probably have mold. Mold can cause severe respiratory problems and must be removed by a certified mold removal specialist such as Restoration 1 Conroe. Mold must be entirely removed, and the area cleaned with agents to stop mold growth. If not, mold will regrow in those areas. If you believe you have mold or have water stains, have your property checked by a certified mold professional!