With the temperatures heating up, it is no surprise that the Summer season is when we see more home fires. Summer fires happen for a variety of reasons, but all end in the same way, with fire cleanup and restoration. Below Restoration 1 Conroe will discuss ways to prevent fires this Summer and what to do if you do experience a home fire.

Keep an Eye on Outdoor BBQs and Fires

Most Summer fires are cooking related. Summer BBQs and late-night bonfires are a common occurrence. Friends and family come over, and people often become distracted and neglect their grills and fires. Fires can quickly spread and grow out of control. Keep an eye on cooking indoors and outdoors. You should also never leave a fire unattended.

Obey Burn Bans

Fires are a fun way to roast marshmallows, tell stories, and make smores, but it can also end in a home fire. If your region is under a burn ban, never burn, even if it is contained. If the area you want to start a fire is very dry, never attempt to start a fire.

Supervise all Fireworks

Fireworks cause uncontrollable fires more than you would think. If the area is dry or a firework hits your home, it can cause a fire to start. These fires can grow quickly and envelop your home. Always supervise any fireworks and ensure they are in a safe area away from your home.

Have your HVAC System Serviced

HVAC systems are a common cause of home fires. Before the Summer hits, it is smart to have your HVAC system serviced. They will be able to find any electrical problems and repair them before a fire starts!

If you do suffer a fire in your home, do not stress! Restoration 1 Conroe provides fire cleanup services and fire restoration to your property. Even small fires that were contained in your home can cause soot and the smell of smoke in other areas of the home. Restoration 1 Conroe has the proper equipment and skills to clean up the area and restore your property to its pre-fire state.