Severe weather has been a concern recently for Conroe. All of Texas has been pummeled with severe weather that includes tornados, wind, and hail. While this is typical weather conditions for this time of year, it can cause significant structural damages to your home. Hail and wind are a deadly combo. They can wreak havoc on your roof, siding, and windows.

Water Damages

Water damages from storms are very common. Hail and wind can cause shingles to break off roofs and cause leaks. Flash flooding is also a concern with severe weather. With leaks and flooding, your home can have major water damages. Water damages can cause rot and mold to form if left for too long. If you experience any water damages, it is crucial that you call a water damage restoration company like Restoration 1 Conroe. We will be able to eliminate all the water from the area and restore your property.

Structural Damages

Wind, hail, and tornados can cause significant damages to the structure of your home. Large limbs can break off and damage your roof. Large hail can destroy your siding, windows, and roof, by leaving large holes. If structural damages were not bad enough, water damages will also occur from the damages.

If you have any storm damages, contact a professional. They have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to ensure all water is removed from the property. If all water is not removed, it will become a breeding ground for mold and rot. Once mold begins to grow, you will need to have mold remediation to ensure it is completely removed. It is best to be prepared and have a restoration company to call if you have any water damages.