Heavy rains and severe storms are a regular part of living in Conroe and all of Texas. With those severe storms can come damages to your property. Water damages and structural damages can quickly become a problem. If you experience any type of storm damages, contact Restoration 1 Conroe as soon as possible. Water damages can spread rapidly throughout your home. Below we will discuss some tips to ensure your home stays safe from the severe weather!

Check Your Roof

Your roof protects you from the outer elements. It takes a beating and can breakdown over time and need repairs. Shingles can become broken or break off from your home. This can cause extensive water damages to your attic, ceiling, and inner walls. If your roof has any damages or loose shingles, have them repaired.

Check Your Gutters

Clogged gutters are surprisingly a real problem for water damages inside your home. If your gutters become clogged from severe weather, the water can not escape. It will enter your home and cause water damages and eventually mold growth to occur. Ensure that your gutters are cleaned and in good shape.

Trim Your Trees

Tree limbs can cause significant damages to your home during a storm. If there are trees or limbs near your home, they will need to have them properly trimmed. Dead or dying limbs can break off and slam into your roof, causing major structural damages.

Know the Weather – Be Prepared!

Severe weather is a common occurrence and not something we think about daily, but it is imperative that you keep an eye on the weather. Being prepared for severe weather can ensure you are ready to handle any storm damages that may transpire. Keep batteries, water, and a weather radio to ensure you can stay on top of the severe weather. If you do have storm damages, contact a restoration company such as Restoration 1 Conroe! They will be able to handle all repairs and keep you safe from water and mold damages.