Winter and the holidays are upon us, and with it can come unexpected fires. Many different holiday decorations and lighting can cause fires. Below Restoration 1 Conroe will discuss a few tricks to keep your home safe from fires this holiday season.

Water Your Tree

If you enjoy using a real tree for the holidays, you must keep it watered. A dry tree is a widespread cause of fires during the Winter. A tree that is not appropriately watered can go up in flames within seconds. If you own animals, keep them away from the tree, as they may drink the water, causing your tree to become drier.

Check your Lighting

Loose or damaged bulbs can cause shorts and sparks to occur. Exposed or frayed wires can also cause fires. Before using any of your lighting, check to ensure it is in good condition. This simple step could save your life!

Inspect Your Decorations

Many decorations these days have cords and lighting. Check them carefully to ensure they are good to use. It is also essential to use the correct extension cords for your decorations.

Use the Proper Indoor or Outdoor Extension Cords

Extension cords are labeled as either indoor or outdoor. Indoor extension cords are not built to withstand the winter weather. If using outdoor decorations, purchase an outdoor extension cord. These cords are meant to get wet and will not short out.

Check your Fire Alarms

Fire alarms should be checked at the beginning of every season. Replacing the batteries and testing your fire alarms is a very simple step that could warn you of a fire.
Above are just a few simple tips to help keep your home and property fire-free this winter! We would much rather you enjoy your family and friends than deal with a house fire. If you do experience a fire, give Restoration 1 Conroe a call! Our team will help you through your tough times!