With the cooler weather, you must keep an eye on your property. Water damages and mold occur far more often during the winter than people realize.

Check Your Roof

Missing Shingles is the number one cause of all roof leaks. While we don’t get as much colder weather as other places, it is still essential to check your roof for any lost shingles or other damages. Roof leaks can cause structural damages to your ceiling and the area between your walls. Leaks can also cause severe mold growth, as you often don’t notice that you have a leak until it is too late.

Insulate all Exposed Outdoor Pipes

While we do not have a lot of freezing weather, it is still a great idea to insulate outdoor exposed pipes. One night of freezing temps could end up costing you hundreds of water damages if you do not have your pipes protected.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Keeping an eye on the weather can help to protect you from water damages. If you see any freezing temps heading your way, take extra precautions to ensure your home stays free from frozen pipes. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the weather to ensure your roof stays safe during severe storms.

Make Sure You Don’t Have Frozen Pipes

Conroe isn’t known for its colder weather, but it does occur. If you do happen to have any frozen pipes, call a professional to ensure you do not have any water damages. Water damages from frozen pipes can lead to mold growth. Repair all frozen or broken pipes as soon as possible.

Repair any Water Leaks Quickly

If your home does have frozen pipes, a leaky roof, or leaky pipes, you must repair them immediately. If left, water leaks can cause structural damages and severe mold growth to occur. If you do experience water damages, call a professional to ensure all water is removed. If the water is not entirely removed and the area dried, mold will grow.