Mold growth is a result of moisture or water damages that go unnoticed. Surprisingly, mold growth can occur even during the winter months, especially if water damages take place. Water damages often can go unnoticed, especially during the colder months. Restoration 1 Conroe has a few tips to help keep your home mold-free this winter.

Check Areas for Increased Moisture

Certain areas attract more moisture than others. Areas such as the kitchen or bathroom are seen to have more mold stains than other areas. This is usually because of the increased moisture with a lack of ventilation. It is vital that these areas are adequately ventilated and that any excess water is removed as soon as possible.

Check for Frozen Pipes

While our weather doesn’t get freezing, there is always a chance for frozen pipes. If you notice a frozen pipe, it is best to have it checked without delay. If the pipe bursts as it is thawing, significant water damages can occur. If you do have a frozen pipe that bursts, call a professional, such as Restoration 1 Conroe, as soon as possible.

Keep an Eye out For Roof Damages

Roof damages are the leading cause of water damages. Storms can cause missing or broken shingles, which can lead to leaks. If you have any missing shingles, have them replaced. If you spot a leak, make sure to call a professional to ensure all water is removed.

If you experience any kind of water damages, call a restoration company for cleanup. Water can quickly seep behind walls, under carpets, and into other rooms. This water cannot be spotted without equipment. If that water is left, it will eventually develop into mold and cause structural damages. It is easier to prevent mold growth than to remove it. If you notice mold stains, it means you already have an overgrowth of mold and it will need to be removed by a professional.