When it comes to a disaster in your home or business, it is always an emergency. However, we have a lot of people wondering if certain disasters are an emergency or if it can wait until the next day. Below, Restoration 1 Conroe will discuss what constitutes a real emergency.

Water Damages

Water disasters can cause significant damages within minutes. Water can quickly spread from one area to the next, affecting your entire home. All water damages should be repaired and cleaned as soon as possible. If you have a broken pipe, faulty appliances, or other water issues, call a company such as Restoration 1 Conroe. Time is always of the essence once it comes to water damages. Water damages can cause structural problems and mold if not removed quickly.

Storm Damages

Conroe, Texas, is no stranger to severe weather, but storm damages can be devastating. Water damages always accompany storm damages. If you have suffered any type of damages from storms, contact a disaster cleanup company fast! They know how to handle storm damages and will work quickly to secure the area and avoid any more water damages.

Sewage Disasters

Sewage is not something you want to wait to clean up. Sewage not only contains viruses and other bacteria, but it usually smells terrible. If you have sewage inside your home, contact someone quickly, and remove your family from the area. Sewage is hazardous to your health. Companies like Restoration 1 Conroe have protective suits and equipment to keep them safe when cleaning all types of sewage.

Above are a few disasters that are considered an emergency. However, as we have said before, all types of disasters are an emergency and should be cleaned rapidly. If you experience any water, storm, sewage, or fire disasters, give us a call! We will respond fast and begin our restoration process on your property!